Singing our Prayers

St. Augustine said, "When you sing, you pray twice".

Clement of Alexandria, and presumably other Christians too, knew the role of temple music which the Christians had kept. He contrasted the music of the Greek temples and the music of the Christians. The latter, he said, was ‘the immortal measure of the new harmony which bears God’s name – the new Levitical song’. 

This song drives out demons and brings creation to order.     Behold the might of the new song! It has made men out of stones, men out of beasts. Those who were as dead because they did not partake of the true life, have come to life simply by becoming listeners to this song. It also composed the universe into melodious order, and tuned the discord of the elements into harmonious arrangement, so that the whole world might become harmony. It let loose the fluid ocean, and yet has prevented it from encroaching on the land. The earth again, which had been in a state of commotion, it has established and fixed the sea as its boundary.  (Barker, Margaret. Temple Mysticism: An Introduction (p. 92). SPCK. Kindle Edition). 

So, let us sing our prayers.  Our society needs to drive out demons, doesn't it?

Musical Settings of prayers;

(More to come!)